Definition of Hubby Card - White


Let your hubby know how special he makes you feel in a funny way, be it on Valentines Day, Anniversary or his Birthday.

The design features a mounted cute blue heart above the printed message. This card is blank inside and comes with white envelope in protective eco-friendly biodegradable bag.

The recycled fibre used in this cards is made from 100% ‘low grade’ (the greenest) post-consumer  waste, not dyed or bleached using any chlorine the colour is achieved by matching raw waste materials and so can vary in shade. We therefore cannot always guarantee a perfect colour match from order to order.

colour: White

made from: the highest quality white card. Its pure solid white colour flows through its stippled 'felt' textured surface which features a crisp, original felt finish. 270gsm

size: 120 x 120 mm

greeting on the front: HUBBY /ˈhʌbi/ noun. an affectionate term for a husband who is brave, smart, a best friend, loved and has cheesy jokes that wifie doesn't like.

 inside greeting: None

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